Order your Google Chrome profiles the way you want


I use profiles inside Google Chrome a lot. The helpful function makes it easy to separate Google accounts or website logins and is also handy when wanting to remember 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) codes in the browser for longer time.

There are several of these profiles that I only access maybe twice a year e.g. when accessing Google services with a specific account.

🫤 Chrome’s default: profiles are ordered randomly or chronologically

I have 20+ profiles set up. On opening Chrome it displays the “profile picker” window. By default these are ordered by an obscure method – maybe by date added or so. This means that the profiles I actually want to use most often (maybe 3-5 profiles) are harder to find and I might need to scroll down every time I want to use them.

From the interface there doesn’t seem to be a way to manually reorder these profiles.

✨ The solution: Nicely order your Google Chrome profiles

Turns out you can actually order your profiles in your preferred custom way:

1. Open Chrome so the profile picker window appears:

2. Edit your profile by clicking the three-dots menu and selecting “Edit”:

3. Change the name of your Chrome profile. You could either prefix it with an Emoji or with a number to order them precisely.

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