Meeting the Swiss WordPress Community at WordCamp Switzerland 2023

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I attended my first WordCamp today at this year’s edition of WordCamp Switzerland in Murten. The event was a one-day conference for people who are interested in the WordPress community. With about 220 participants, there were 16 talks ranging from legal issues like the new Swiss privacy law to SEO.

My badge of WordCamp Switzerland 2023

People were very open and I enjoyed talking to some of them – whether they were professionals earning their daily bread with WP based projects, enthusiastic hobbyists or people working for service providers like Cyon, the Swiss hosting company.

My favourite talks were:

  • WooCommerce, but faster! by Remkus de Vries in which he talked about the importance of putting the focus on the right aspects of your site, for example picking a good hosting service and external caching provider.
  • How to automate your maintenance by Nico Martin with an introduction to Playwright and how you can automate testing with it.
  • SEO WooCommerce: let’s get that traffic where Isaline Muelhauser shared practical insights in how she approched a project in her role as SEO strategist.

Was definitely interesting and I can recommend you to go – it’s nice to meet other people that share the same or might have other perspectives on the WordPress ecosystem.

Thanks to everyone who helped to organise the whole event quite smoothly. They also did a good job at including everyone speaking German, English and French 👏🏻

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  1. Hey Aaron, es hat mich sehr gefreut, dich nach all diesen Jahren endlich auch einmal «live» zu treffen. Merci für die Erwähnung von cyon und bis hoffentlich bald wieder. Beste Grüsse, Philipp

    • Es war super, dich zu treffen! WordPress und Cyon sind zwei meiner treusten Wegbegleiter auf meiner Internet-Reise 🙌🏻

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